Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing Contractor in Louisville, Kentucky

Wire sawing refers to the use of a wire saw, that uses a metal wire or cable to cut through material.  A wire saw uses abrasion (rather than teeth) to saw through concrete and other construction materials.

A wire saw is powerful and flexible on a job site, as they are able to perform deep sawing in confined spaces.

The diamond wire of a wire saw consists of an inner cable around a 1/4″ in diameter. Fitted on the cable, are beads with diamond grit. These beads perform the majority of the cutting work. To begin cutting, the wire is tensioned and then spun at around sixty miles per hour.

Wire Sawing Applications

-Reinforced concrete greater than 24inches in thickness

-Bridge piers

-Concrete pipes

-Large diameter steel pipe cutting

-Concrete foundation and wall modifications

-Concrete tank removal

-Hydro dams