Leaking Walls

We Find and Repair Leaking Walls

Leaking walls can be an extremely frustrating scenario for residential and commercial building owners. Kaufman offers leaking wall solutions to Louisville, Kentucky and the greater Kentuckiana area, including Lexington, Southern Indiana, and more! Common areas where leak symptoms may appear include:
-Behind walls
-In restrooms or bathrooms
-Under concrete slabs
Kaufman specializes in fixing concrete walls. In these instances, the walls may only leak periodically, or when a higher-than-expected amount of rain fall or snow melt occurs.

What Causes Leaking Walls and How are They Fixed?

A common problem that causes concrete walls to leak are steel reinforcing rods. These rods are installed at the time of the wall pour and if not sealed properly, will cause areas of leakage.
Another reason that concrete walls leak is due to cracks in the concrete. These cracks can be caused for a variety of reasons, included cold joints, the addition of too much water in the concrete, or if forms are remove before the concrete has cured sufficiently.
Depending on the cause of the leakage, a solution can vary but often includes the use of hydraulic cement to seal any holes or cracks. Hydraulic cement is installed after cleaning all debris from the hole. The cement is packed in by hand and followed by a concrete trowel to force the cement into the entirely of the hole or crack.

Common Solutions to Fix Leaking Walls Without Destruction

Once the problem has been identified causing the leak, whether it be moisture seepage, or cracks in a foundation, common solutions include:
-Waterproof basement floor
-Repair leaking cracks using urethane
Contact us to arrange an evaluation to keep your walls from leaking and your building dry!