Foundation Repairs

Resistance Piers for Foundation Repair

Over 25 years ago Kaufman became the first contractor in this region to use manufactured resistance piers underpinning to solve structural settlement problems.

Helical Anchors for Foundation Repair

Helical piles (also known as helical piers) create a system of support for deep foundations. They are used to support both residential and commercial buildings, retaining walls and other deep foundations

Grouting & Slab Jacking for Foundation Repair

Kaufman has decades of experience with grouting, slab jacking and other foundation repair methods.

Epoxy Injection for Foundation Repair

For non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns, and piers, an epoxy injection is capable of restoring the concrete to it’s original strength before the crack occurred.

Bowed Walls

Kaufman has experience diagnosing and fixing bowed basement and foundation walls. Contact us for a free evaluation!