Helical Anchors for Foundation Repair

What are Helical Anchors for Foundation Repair?

Helical piles (also known as helical piers) create a system of support for deep foundations. They are used to support both residential and commercial buildings, retaining walls and other deep foundations. Helical pile provides owners with an effective and affordable solution where unstable soil conditions persist and require the use of deep foundations.

How are Helical Anchors Installed?

For stabilizing foundations or retrofitting to increase load capacity, CHANCE Piles are installed at intervals around the perimeter at affected locations. Below is a sample demonstration:

What are the advantages of Helical Anchors?

Helical anchors (or piles) perform well in flood prone areas, and where soil conditions are unstable.

For projects built on unstable soil, rather than rip a flawed existing foundation out, helical piles are installed under the existing foundation, affording cost-savings to the building owner.

Helical piers are faster to install when compared to conventional wood, steel, or auger-cast caissons.

Helical piles can be installed without requiring concrete, allowing the next phase of construction to move forward, without waiting on concrete to set.

Alph Kaufman has years of experience installing helical anchors. We are based in Louisville, Kentucky and commonly service areas in Kentuckiana, Ohio, and beyond.