Epoxy Injection for Foundation Repair

Epoxy injection for Foundation Repair

For non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns, and piers, an epoxy injection is capable of restoring the concrete to it’s original strength before the crack occurred.

How is an Epoxy Injection Performed?

The first step when performing an injection, is to make sure the crack and surrounding surface is clean, so the epoxy forms a strong bond with the surface of the concrete. It is necessary to remove all oil, grease, and debris from the crack. This process can be done by using the following system:
1. Blow compressed air through the crack
2. Remove any other residue through pressure washing
3. Blow any remaining water from the crack with compressed air
Once the cracks are clean, epoxy injection ports are installed that serve as entry points for the epoxy. This removes the need to drill into the concrete (in most cases).
Then, a layer of epoxy adhesive is installed to seal over the surface ports and exposed crack. This allows the epoxy to fill from the base of the crack up to the bottom of the seal and fill the crack entirely.
Starting at the lowest port on the wall, the epoxy is injected until the epoxy oozes out of the port above it. The process is repeated until the length of the crack has received epoxy.
24 to 48 hours allows the epoxy to cure, and then the ports can be chipped off with a hammer or trowel. At this point the epoxy injection is complete.

Epoxy Injection Contractor

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