Flooring Preparation and Shotblasting

Flooring Preparation and Shotblasting Services

In the early 1980′s we became the first Blastrac distributor for portable shot blast machines south of the Mason Dixon line.  Our long history of servicing Blastrac units and providing contract cleaning services to this region continues.


Why Shot Blasting is the industry standard for professional flooring installers

Shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete surfaces.  This labor and time saving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.

Flooring Preparation and Shotblasting Services will have the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays, eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods.  Shot blasting produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method.


How Shot Blasting Works

Blastrac walk-behind shot blasting systems use a high performace, airless, centrifugal wheel for propelling blast media at a high velocity, in a controlled pattern and direction.

Steel shot is impelled by the rapidly rotating blast wheel onto the surface being prepared.  The steel shot hits the surface and rebounds, along with removed contaminants, into the dust collector.

Surface profiles are controlled by varying shot size, shot flow rate and machine travel speed.

Floor Grinding

Kaufman also provides hand grinding and planing services with hand grinders and shrouds. it’s a fairly dustless operation. If there are floor ares the shot blaster isn’t able to reach, including elevated floor without elevator access we perform detailed floor prep by hand.

For all of your floor preparation and shotblasting needs, reach out to us for an evaluation. We are based in Louisville, Kentucky and service the surrounding Kentuckiana area.