Concrete Restoration and Repair

Concrete Restoration and Repair for over 95 years

Kaufman has been in the business of concrete restoration and repair for 95 years, specializing in repairing reinforced concrete and providing state-of-the-art concrete restoration solutions to owners and engineers.

As a full service concrete restoration and repair contractor, Kaufman is not limited to a single concrete repair method. Our experience and expertise combines specialized and conventional concrete repair methods to provide the most practical solution for all concrete repair projects.

Conventional and Specialized Concrete Removal and Replacement

Removing concrete and replacing it with conventional concrete is often still the most effective and economical repair. Kaufman has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of all sorts of concrete structures. In some cases specialized concrete materials are required to overcome time constraints, aggressive chemicals and other special circumstances. The necessity of these innovative solutions is driven by time and access constrains, many of our projects are completed during short plant shutdowns when there is no time for the use of convention repair methods or materials.


All concrete structures, including
Food and Beverage Facilities
Chemical Plants
Manufacturing Plants


Materials and equipment readily available
Less special knowledge required by Contractor, Owner, or Engineer
Easy to assess the future performance
The cost of conventional repairs is very competitive
Easy to assess the life expectancy of the repair
Quick results, reducing plant downtime
High performance repairs

Floor Overlays and Concrete Resurfacing Services

Kaufman applies floor overlays to resurface deteriorated floors that vary from several inch thick structural toppings to thin 1/4 inch thick seamless overlays. Kaufman has years of expertise in the selection of the most suitable combination of overlay/resurfacing system, bonding agent, and equipment for your application.



Parking Structures
Food and Beverage Plants
Chemical Plants
Manufacturing Plants


Will extend the life of the structure
Economical compared with the replacing slab
High performance wearing surface
Corrosion Protection