Performance Flooring Services

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is a method of installing systems around storage containers to collect any hazardous materials in the event of loss of integrity or container failure.

Urethane Floor Systems

A urethane floor coating is a flexible, abrasion-resistant floor coating that leave the floor with a shine and provides lasting durability. Contact us for an evaluation to determine how urethane floor coatings can improve the durability of your floor!

Thermal Shock and Temperature Resistant Urethane Flooring

All flooring materials expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. If your floor experiences significantly different temperatures than the concrete substrate underneath, it can lead to disbondment, delamination, cracks, bubbles and other deterioration. To avoid this problem, a thermal shock and temperature resistant flooring is a solution that gives your facility a high performance floor

Static Dissipative ESD Flooring

Static dissipative ESD flooring is an epoxy flooring that removes any sort of static on the floor. Find out how our solutions can create static free environments for your operations!

MMA Flooring

Performance MMA Flooring is a very fast setting system. MMA Flooring is great for when you need a fast setting floor installation coupled with a quick turn around to get back into production.

Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay Flooring

If you have a floor that is not level, due to divots, or bald spots in the concrete, we come in with this epoxy mortar, and apply the epoxy mortar to produce a smooth, flat working surface.