Urethane Floor Systems

What is a Urethane Floor System?

A urethane floor system is a flexible, abrasion-resistant floor coating that leave the floor with a shine and provides lasting durability. Urethane floor coatings are the number one choice of building owners when selecting a floor coating for for a wide array of building types, from warehouses and distribution centers, to garages.

When considering a urethane floor system, the factors to take into account include:

  1. Will the floor be exposed to chemicals?  A plain concrete floor is not chemically designed to withstand the impact from many chemicals used in manufacturing, food and beverage plants, and many more instances.
  2. Will the floor be exposed to abrasion? If a concrete floor will experience high levels of traffic (particularly from steel-wheeled vehicles) the floor will require a coating designed to withstand this condition.
  3. Will the floor experience impacts from heavy loads or direct impacts?

Once you have identified the conditions the floor will encounter, this provides a framework for determining the thickness and material used for a coating.

How is a Urethane Floor Coating Installed?

A urethane floor coating installation start with a surface preparation. We ensure that the receiving surface will be clean, dry, and completely stripped of any existing coatings.

The surface must also be roughened to provide the urethane with an ideal bonding condition.Some applications include a sealer coat as a base coat to the urethane surface. Unlike a painted surface, polyurethane or urethane floor coatings bond very well hard surfaces, even if they are porous.

The urethane floor system is installed in layers to ensure the best bond to the concrete surface.

Urethane Floor Coating Installer in Louisville, Kentucky

Alph Kaufman offers urethane floor coating installation services, and we’ve performed a variety of installions, including use cases for manufacturing, industrial process, and food and beverage plants. Contact us today for your urethane floor coating needs!