Thermal Shock and Temperature Resistant Urethane Flooring

What is Thermal Shock and Temperature Resistant Flooring

All flooring materials expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. If your floor experiences significantly different temperatures than the concrete substrate underneath, it can lead to disbondment, delamination, cracks, bubbles and other deterioration.

To avoid this problem, a thermal shock and temperature resistant flooring is a solution that gives your facility a high performance floor that will be immune to temperature swings. These floor systems can come with optional anti-slip, and antimicrobial and chemical resistance built into them. This option of flooring is perfect for environments that are subject to fast, high temperature changes, such as below industrial or commercial ovens. As with all our floor systems, they are easy to clean and maintain, and will ensure your floor is kept clean and looking as good as they day they were installed.

The flooring systems itself is a three-part system, including a resin, aggregate, and hardener.The base of the system is urethane and it looks and acts in ways similar to cement. Just like cement’s tough, these systems are tough.

To install this system, a top coat of urethane is applied directly to the existing floor, in areas that are subject to temperature change. By applying this floor solution, you will save money on repairing cracks, fissures, and other issues plain concrete floors will experience.

Example Applications of Thermal Shock and Temperature Resistant Flooring:

• Food and beverage plants

• Meat and poultry processing

• Dairy production and packaging

• Commercial bakeries

• Industrial freezer and cold storage facilities

• Low temperature technology and manufacturing

Kaufman is a contractor in Louisville Kentucky that installs thermal shock and temperature resistant floors in the Kentuckiana area. We have a wide range of experience in different floor coatings and application types. Contact us for an evaluation to see if a thermal shock and temperature resistant floor is right for your building!