Static Dissipative ESD Flooring

What is Static Dissipated ESD Flooring?

Static dissipative ESD flooring is an epoxy flooring that designed to remove static electricity from your floor. Examples include pharmaceutical applications, and other instances that require a zero-static environment. Any sort of electricity that would be built up on the floor, (friction from your shoes as an example) is dissipated by this flooring system. It’s an epoxy floor, but it has components layered into it that create the static dissipative effect. Resilient floor coverings can be grouped into three basic categories to describe their ability to deal with the problem of static electricity – anti-static, static dissipative and static conductive. For floors that do need to be ESD safe, engineers often specify actual surface resistance levels rather than simply calling them ‘static dissipative’ or ‘static conductive’. Our teams install the floor to match the engineering spec.

How is Static Dissipative ESD Flooring Installed?

it’s a very technical install. We install minor sanding, that are like metal strips that capture static electricity and channel it to a ground point. This prevents any electricity build up on the floor. To test the integrity of the system, we complete the install by checking the floor with an electrical meter, to make sure it’s got zero charge on the floor.

Is a Static Dissipative ESD Flooring Right For Your Use Case?

Static Dissipative ESD flooring are perfect for environments including pharmaceutical companies, or other manufacturing instances that require zero static. Some examples are computer chip companies, hosptials,  and any other environment where static charges could damage electronics in the room.Essentially it’s for high end technology companies, where static charge and electrical charges could damage products. Contact Kaufman today to see if a static dissipative ESD flooring solution is right for your business. We perform installs in Kentuckiana, and are located in Louisville, Kentucky.