MMA Flooring

What is Performance MMA Flooring?

The Performance MMA Flooring is a very fast setting system. MMA Flooring is great for when you need a quick floor install. It’s a very similar system to the decorative quartz and decorative vinyl flakes as far as how it looks when it’s finished. Due to the chemistry, of the floor system, it sets much quicker and it finishes to create a harder and a more resistant product. It’s a stronger product than epoxy. Therefore, it’s a little bit more costly, and the installation as there are increase labor costs to install this floor system.

How is Performance MMA Flooring Installed?

In order to install MMA flooring, we first ensure that the room has a ventilation plan in place. At the time the floor is first applied, a chemical reaction releases a solvent, and it cannot be used in areas without ventilation. Our company has built its reputation around being able to work under high-pressure deadlines, and we’ve become very familiar with the MMA flooring system. We install MMA flooring in our service areas. Depending on the size of the install, our teams travel all across Kentuckiana and beyond.

What are the Advantages of Performance MMA Flooring?

It’s a very tough floor system, we’ve installed them at Deli’s and a lot of different restaurants because of the quick turnaround time, so your operation isn’t shut down for more than a day. Our crew is able to install a floor and 24 hours later, your operation is back to normal. We see popular applications include restaurants and other quick turnaround projects. For high traffic areas that can’t afford down-time, MMA flooring is a durable and cost-effective solution. Reach out to our team of professionals to see if our MMA flooring solutions will be the best fit for your needs.