Epoxy Skid Resistant Flooring

What is Epoxy Skid Resistant Flooring?

Epoxy skid resistant flooring is an epoxy floor that you broadcast, depending on how much skid resistance you would like. Different sizes and sources of aggregate are applied to specification.

An epoxy skid resistant floor is still a smooth floor, but it creates a ripple texture effect. A skid resistant floor isn’t something you mix up and apply. The first step is to roll out the wet epoxy, and then you broadcast the aggregate on top. Generally speaking, it’s the size of the aggregate, and how much you broadcast, that determines how skid resistant the floor is.

Where is Epoxy Skid Resistant Flooring Installed?

Epoxy skid resistant flooring can be found in wash down areas, instances where there is a lot of oil is on the ground, main shops, areas where there are slick and wet spots. This floor system will help decrease safety concerns. Other applications include pedestrian bridges and walkways. By adding a high grid epoxy coating, it greatly decreases the chance for slips or falls from pedestrian traffic when there’s ice or other slick material on the ground.