Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay Flooring

What is Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay Flooring?

Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay is created by mixing your epoxy resin and binders, hardeners, with an industrial sand. It creates a mortar mix, almost like a cement mortar mix, without any hard pebbles or anything like that. Its a portable system, that you lay down, either with a screen box, which is, a 24 inch by 24 inch box. It’s got little wheels on each of the corners, and you fill the top up with your materials. After mixing, its typically three parts epoxy, and a fifty pound bag of sand. To install the flooring system, we transfer the mix to a screen box, then drag the box across the floor to evenly distribute an overlay. It’s typically about a quarter of an inch. It can be a half an inch. It can be three eighths an inch. The depth of the epoxy is highly dependent on the magnitude of scoring or divots in the floor.

When Should Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay Flooring be Applied?

If you have a floor that is not level, due to divots, or bald spots in the concrete, we come in with this epoxy mortar, and apply the epoxy mortar to produce a smooth, flat working surface. The mortar is about three to five times stronger than your traditional concrete. It cures out at twelve thousand to fifty thousand PSI. Your normal concrete is at three to five thousand. So it’s typically three to five times stronger from an impact resistance standpoint. Epoxy mortar is often used in heavy industrial facilities. This floor system should considered in working conditions where debris is hitting the floor.

Epoxy Mortar Industrial Overlay Flooring Contractor

Kaufman is a service contractor that installs epoxy mortar floors. If an uneven or chipped working surface is slowing your operations, epoxy mortar can deliver a positive return on investment by restoring your floor back to a smooth working surface that will handle impacts much better than your older concrete or epoxy floor.