Decorative Vinyl Paint Flake Epoxy Flooring

What is Decorative Vinyl Paint Flake Flooring?

Decorative vinyl paint flake Epoxy Flooring is similar to Decorative Quartz.  You simply change the broadcast media from a quartz granule to a vinyl paint chip/flake. To install the floor system the paint flakes are broadcast into a wet epoxy.  Generally we sand in between coats, just because you get some that are jagged and sticking up, so we knock down any of the high edges, or flakes that seated themselves a little bit weird. Then we add another coat of epoxy, another broadcast, and finally a top coat.

Where is Vinyl Flake Flooring Used?

Decorative Vinyl Paint Flake Flooring typically is installed in lobbies, entry ways, and meeting rooms. It looks just a little bit more decorative. It’s got more of a terrazzo look. We can achieve more of a marbled look with it, because of the different paint chips. This is because of the opportunity to work with a larger aggregate size. The paint flakes are much larger, so you can create more of a mosaic floor look, so those typically fit a little bit better in most areas. If you would rather have a decorative look, compared to a roughed up concrete floor, this is a good flooring solution. Generally, vinyl flake is applied in administration buildings. The paint flake, that’s anywhere. Corridors, hallways, meeting rooms, classrooms. It’s got a very wide degree of application, because of its ability to be finished to a smooth surface.

Vinyl Flake Flooring Contractor in Louisville Kentucky

Kaufman has 95 years of contracting experience, and plenty of successful installs of Decorative Vinyl Paint Flake Flooring. Let us show you how our commitment to quality of service, will result in a high quality floor installing for your residence of commercial facility. We service areas on Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and more! Please reach out for an evaluation or estimate.