Decorative Quartz Epoxy Flooring

What is Decorative Quartz Flooring?

Decorative Quartz Flooring is an epoxy floor system. It’s achieved by broadcasting decorative sand granules into wet epoxy. You typically do that twice, to achieve a layered decorative epoxy floor finish. Decorative quartz flooring is good for locker rooms, bathrooms, commercial cafeterias; any areas that can get wet. It is also great for buildings that have workers that come through with wet, muddy, and grimy shoes. The Quartz granules on the floor leave you with an aggressive and rough finish that has a high level of slip resistance to help prevent people from slipping and falling. You can adjust the degree of slip resistance via the top coat and how thick you apply it. At the end of the day, Quartz flooring is going to have some grip to it.

How is Decorative Quartz Flooring Installed?

First, we prep the floor with a shotblaster and get the surface very clean to apply the epoxy prime. Next, we squeegee and roller apply with a paint then we mix the epoxy and pour it on the floor and squeegee and pull thin. We roll it and get a smooth, uniform texture and surface to it.  While the epoxy is still wet, we apply quartz granules to the surface of the epoxy. It bonds and creates a mechanical bond for the epoxy. This is the first layer. After 8-10 hours, before it sets up, we come back and do detailing work and apply a second broadcast. After the floor dries, we come back, sweep and clean, then apply a top coat or base coat and the floor is ready to go!

Decorative Quartz Installation in Louisville, Kentucky

Kaufman has years of contracting experience and we are located in Louisville, KY. We perform decorative quartz floor installations in the Kentuckiana area. Please feel free to contact us to receive an evaluation!