What are Tiebacks (geotechnical use in construction)

A tieback is used in the construction industry. It is a horizontal wire or rod that is used to reinforce retaining walls for increased stability. A helical anchor can also be used as the reinforcing agent.

How are Tiebacks Installed?

The end systems involves a steel reinforcement, that reaches from the interior face of the retaining wall, through the wall itself, and then the steel is anchored to a structure. This structure can be a poured surface, like a concrete floor, or deadman, or the steel can be anchored directly to earth.

A grouted tieback can be constructed on existing retaining walls. They are installed by drilling through the concrete wall, out into the soil or bedrock on the other side of the wall. Grout is pumped into the anchor holes to improve soil resistance and prevent the tieback from pulling out of the wall. Helical Anchors are then screwed into place.